Things About Me


I studied performing arts, dance and literature and have been putting those skills to use in many different ways.

Amongst a big group of great people, I had the privilege to learn from and work with Rimini Protokoll (DE), the Post Performance Blues Band (IS), Eric Dunlap (US/DE), Franco B (UK/IT) and boyleANDshaw (UK). I have been part of projects all around Germany, as well as Iceland, Switzerland, Finland and Spain.


Things I Do With Others

Assistant Director

Rimini Protokoll

Recurring position with theatre collective Rimini Protokoll (Helgard Haug, Daniel Wetzel, Stefan Kaegi). Recent projects include 100% Berlin reloaded, Remote Mitte, Uncanny Valley, DO's & DON'Ts, Weltzustand Davos (Staat 4) and Top Secret International (Staat 1) - as well as work on the new anniversary publication and the online platform 1000 Scores.


Deutsche Oper Berlin

Freelance perfomer in the movement chorous. Recent performances include Wolfsschlucht (2019) and Die Entführung aus dem Serail (2020).

(c) Marcus Lieberenz

Research Assistant

The Making of Berlin

Work in progress // With directors Bart Baele and Yves Degryse (BERLIN)

Assistant Director

Noahs Flut

This innovative and ambitious project had 120 children and young adults working on a new production of Benjamin Britten's opera, directed by Natascha Ursuliak. For over a year, they could experience and participate in all facets of the theatre process. The opera school was initiated by the JEWISH CHAMBER ORCHESTRA MUNICH.

(c) Brembeck



Video Work and play with lights. A collaboration with Choreographer Eric Dunlap.


Notions of Progress

Notions of Progress by Choreographer Katrina Elizabeth Bastian is a three-dimensional installation of bodies, plastic and video projections that oscillate between active and passive plasticity. The material plastic reflects our ideas of progress as you are welcomed to examine the plasticity of your own habits.

Former Member

The Post Performance Blues Band

The Post Performance Blues Band is blue, it's a bloody mary, it's an anti-climax, it's a new beginning without an end. It was formed in Reykjavík in late 2016 and has become renowned for the ceremonial performances, raw glamour and blues post-blue. The band has been described as "expanded music, life itself!" (Erik Deluca, composer).


Über das Marionettentheater

“Just in this way, after self-consciousness has, so to speak, passed through infinity, the quality of grace will reappear; and this reborn quality will appear in the greatest purity, a purity that has either no consciousness or consciousness without limit: either the jointed doll or the god.” - Heinrich von Kleist

2017 / 2020

The Book I Drew

Read the essay on "Systems of Movement"!

The scroll is an appeal to the limitlessness of the imagination where there is no „wrong“. Over 16 meters of paper the graphic notations of choreographies encourage to play, to take a risk or to dream in multiple ways.

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